We are called to create.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.  We were created by the original Creator in His image.  Therefore, creating is in our spiritual DNA.

Over the years, the Lord has helped me to express my struggles through writing and art.  Not only was this expression cathartic, but it was also healing.  I truly believe that the Lord healed me from the inside out through my creative adventures.

While I have had tremendous healings in my life, I am not perfect.  I still have bad days and seasons where I struggle with depression and addiction.  This does not make me less of a Christian – it just makes me human.  The good news is that even in the midst of my struggles, I have hope.  And that is something I never had when I was not in a relationship with Jesus.

This blog is simply me being real with the Lord.  It is a place where I can toss my good, bad, and ugly into His Light.  I’ve found that when I stop trying to be perfect in the eyes of the world then my secrets and burdens can be taken out of the darkness.  And only when we bring our faults and sins into the light can the Lord truly heal us.  He will never force us to be healed.  Jesus is a gentleman, He waits for us to ask.  Then once we ask He promises to respond.

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