I created this piece of artwork for my April Kaizen Art Challenge.  We were supposed to create something surreal that focused on one concept.

Surreal is out of my comfort zone, but I went for it anyways.  The idea for this piece started with the concept of toxic relationships.  It is hard to see in this web sized artwork, but the man’s skin has burns on it from the toxic air of his relationship with the woman.  She is wearing a gas mask to protect her.  I posed them in a dancing pose because even in toxic relationships there is kind of rhythmic movement to the two people.

I put them in a music box (ok, it’s more like a music globe – but you get the idea.) since they would be spinning in cyclical motion.  Most abusive and toxic relationships spin rapidly from good moments to bad moments.

The light shining down on the couple represents hope.  Whether that hope means that their relationship will be healed or hope that they will go their separate ways to become healthy individuals is not known.  All it means is that even in the darkest times of our lives and in the darkest relationships in our lives healing can take place.  To me that is hope!

Side Note:  Speaking from experience, don’t stay in a toxic relationship that is abusive.  Please get the help you need.  That is the first step in the healing process.