I recently started learning Daz Studio which is a free 3D application.  One of the things you can create in Daz are 3D models.  You start with a base model.  You can then purchase different character options and morphs for female or male models.   When I saw this model with a cross on her forehead, I knew that I wanted to use her for some of my renders.  As I explored the character some more I realized that technically she was supposed to be either human or a vampire.  The images that showed on her character page had sharp teeth with blood dripping from her fangs and a snarl on her face.  And others showed her as a pale human.

I didn’t see any of that as my writer’s brain took over.  When I looked at her, all I saw was that cross.  To me, I saw a character that had been marked by the Lord.  She was special – set apart for a special purpose.  (I am going down a Christian Sci-Fi rabbit hole here).  A storyline of a redeemed angel came to mind.  An angel that had once led a life of violence and terror, but had been rescued and transformed.

As the story unfolded in my mind (in a matter of mere seconds), I realized that there were significant parallels in the angel’s story to my own life.  Obviously not the whole vampire or angel part!  I have never been either of those.  But, I was an alcoholic and a cocaine addict.  While I didn’t physically suck the blood out of anybody, I did suck the life out of others with anxiety and stress over my behavior.  I left an emotionally bloody trail everywhere I went.  I was a bad influence on anyone who came in contact with me.

When I finally hit rock bottom, I was desperate enough to look to anyone for help.  I didn’t care how crazy they sounded.  Through a teacher at the YMCA, the Lord picked me up out of my pit and transformed me.  I am not an angel – not by a long shot!  But I am a truly new person.  And I do try my best to follow the Lord where He leads me.

This picture I created in Daz Studio and Photoshop reminds me that there is always hope.  No matter how bad and out of control we get (or a loved one gets) the Lord can see us how we will look when He transforms us.  While we won’t become angels with wings flying around heaven, we can become an “angel” in someone else’s life.  You never know how a random act of kindness can impact someone’s life and give them the hope they need to get through the day.